It is simple!

Join our affiliate program and receive 50% commission of all sales generated by your recommendation in our destination store (SOLO TOURS).

You can claim the payment of commissions once you reach a balance greater than $ 200 dollars, by writing to All commission payments are made via PayPal.



It does not matter if you own a restaurant or are an uber driver, everyone has the same possibility to earn money through our platform in a very simple way.

¿How does it work?

It's simple, the first step is to register with your data to our affiliate program from the link above.

Once the registration process is complete, you will receive private access to a panel of members where you can find a unique link for reference.

This link is unique to your business and allows the system to keep a complete record of all the people who come to our platform through your reference (everything they acquire generates commissions).


Contact us and acquire the unique and exclusive QR Code for your company for a single payment of $80 USD.

NOTE: Tours Hacker does not profit from this payment, it is used to cover the costs of creating the graphic art and the QR Code with unlimited scans linked to your unique referral link.


Example QR Code

Then, depending on your business, you can place the printed QR Code on tables, bar, showcases, back seats of your vehicle if you are an uber driver, etc.

Anyone who scans the QR code will be directed to your unique referral link, which makes your business profitable for all sales in our destination store (SOLO TOURS).

From your members panel you will be able to see at all times the earnings generated to date and the number of referrals you have made.

That would be it, now just enjoy the benefits.